BNB Giveaway

Hey Homies, My last post Heartmade Gifts reminded me that I haven’t shared my Facebook giveaway. Just head over to my Facebook page and share the post to enter. Much ♡ and Many Blessings. Vadis Advertisements

Heartmade gifts.

The best gifts ever are the ones that are made with love. You can find the Repyocity Skull Cap on my website. These two are on there way to my MIL in Mass. And these will stay on the West Coast. It took forever to find just the right pattern. I love to see my…

It’s the Little Things….

So yesterday I left work early because I wasn’t feeling so great. I’m still not 100%  but we are short handed and I feel guilty when I stay home. I digress…when I got home my DH made me some homemade chicken soup. It was so delicious and he was proud of himself because he has…

It been a long day

So I made these for my Prima Cita’s birthday. I hope she loves them as much as I do….she is 21 again for like the 10th or 11th time. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking. Here she is with her two besties. (In the middle) Happy birthday girly I love you to Chula Vista and back….

Repyocity Skull Cap

FREE SHIPPING on the Repyocity Skull Cap. Who’s your team? Wear their  colors with pride. My SO reps Lakers all day everyday. My Bestie Anisa goes all in for Ohio State. Who you got? Much ♡ and Many Blessings. Vadis

The day was made better

My first Christmas gift!  Stephanie always has a a way of sending little things to make me smile. Not just at Christmas but all year.  I was having a ruff day yesterday  but when I got home this little lady was waiting for me. Thank you Steph. ♡ Much ♡ and Many Blessings. Vadis